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Sunday, May 13, 2007
@ 7:19 AM

Chan suie <3

Maybe it was the wounds that inflicted the pain;
Maybe its the purplish past that bothers my way;
Maybe its the secrets i locked away;
In the diary that was not meant to be safe;
Maybe its just me and myself , being weird and everything else;
Not expressive enough, being introverted and DUMB;
Oh well guess this all is the past;
Where my future has NEVER yet to come;
May the light shine upon me;
And bring my KNIGHT to me;
Who will brave through the dangers with me;
And forever be with me;
This is the FANTASY i wanna see;
The CRAZIEST life i wanna live;
The only guy i wanna be with;
And i hope there is this one GUY who will give;
And presents his love whole-heartedly;
That will be the way he is;
Like the way i love him for it;
Fearless of my love;
Pillars of my world;
Deep in his heart i will appear;
Nevertheless, i still fear;
For the FUTURE that never appears;
And to the past that bought me tears;
But i will be here;
For my quest is still uncleared;
And for the things i will achieve;
To the love ones i yet to give;
My one and only special gift.

P.S 'till now i'm still being vanilla loved!


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.