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Monday, May 14, 2007
@ 5:00 AM

Was meeting mich today so had to drag myself out of bed.
Today's ANDRE's birthday and we never forget. =)
Happie birthday! and happy wishes!! =)
Went to bugis with mich. {Actually we din plan out well what we are gonna do for the day}
So lets just say we just went on whatever that comes on our mind??
Headed to orchard! Mich got her bracelet and i got what i wanted, kekex =)
{Realized both me and mich succumb to the temptation of food and books}
hahas. And at that point of moment we realized we need xinns badly. muahahas.
{We are so grateful that we still have schooling tomorrow}
P.S although we hated it! =)
Next mich went off to find her mum {she left her card with me} =.=
Went home while on the phone with someone. {There's no need for doubts here}
Advice: Always think before you do.
>This method works for one thing doesn't means that
every other thing that happens can be solved using that method.
>Not everything ends in a negative way.
>The amount of effort you put in does not equals to the amount of reward you get back. =)

Stopping here. i have bigger things to do tonight. wait and unveil. *muacks*
=) Arts - suie {tarots}


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.