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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
@ 4:52 AM

Thought i was gonna be late for school again like always { when i slept late at night} hmms..
But din manage to this morning. Was just a few steps out my doorsteps and she came to me.
I was glad i was there, But i regretted not being able to help much. {manage to helped her lift up her moods a bit through foodstuffs} =)
This is so damn worrying. please cheer up my girl?! i hope you will tell me everything, what are you thinking, what you are going through. i hope i am able to help you fully. =)
hmms... Was chomping down sweets for the whole day, think i will get diabetes some day. laughs~* *hopes not*
*-* laughs~* ^-^ Today was as per normal, another day of reviewing papers. fail like crazy. Dont seem to see a paper that meets my expectation. damn saddening. I thought the worst i could get was just a mere pass, who knows i am that bad?!, to fail almost all my subjects?! Grrs* What the heck!!
I can only pin all my hopes on my emaths now, which i got 41/60. which din reach my expectation as well. But was the best among all. Band was on again, Rushed to get stuffs, running here and there, was actually enjoying it. hmms... was able to teach my J.Rs was not easy, but was happy able to do so. {finally M.r Goh is getting some new euphonium} Muahahas!! yepps =) overjoyed!!
Band ended quite early today, {was craving} laughs~*
Walked to northpark with thems* =) Chit-Chat for quite a while at the same old place, thought back 'bout lotsa things {yunns*} =] Went home that early. {wonders} Ran to the showers straight, i'm preparing.
huhs. {shhs} i am going to do something here, and i'm not letting anyone to know about it. =) guess what. you won't know.
Signing offs~*
Love suie =)


When whispers no longer survive;

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