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Saturday, March 27, 2010
i forgot the title @ 11:04 AM


Happie to see me blogging so constantly? {Just kidding}.
Right, going to be blogging quite frequently. Not that i have to, just felt like it.
Have been feeling kinda chillax and bored && crafty [Doing crafts not slippery feet] - to michelle.
Hence giving me the time to catch shows [movies/dramas/the tele], and to browse at editorials.
And i realized either i had been too tired to really look and appreciate or i might have lost interest or maybe it just isn't it for me. I am not getting a lot of editorials in my lappy and am very very very tempted to get a magazine but there isn't anything i want, or good enough for me to buy it. {I am talking like as if i could do up a better one.}

*Sighs* what to do. Hmm.. anyway, birthdays are falling and i am up to some crafts for cards again. Been owing a whole lot of pressies and cards. I feel soooo bad. && extremely mean these days. Like, am i suppose to be that mean? i don't think so. I am suppose to be nice. Or am i not ?

Gawd, this is driving me crazy!
Wee, hanging up! loves eius. :)

p/s: HOLGA.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.