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Friday, March 26, 2010
Like yeah. @ 9:22 AM

Great. Finally, its loadingg!

Boo. Days have been quite interesting. And surprisingly i must say, i learned and changed quite a bit this holiday. {Well, it isn't really over yet though.}

Well, well. Been having this thought that people have this very weird thing. Always. This feeling of being zealous, jealous or envy. I mean, you always go like hey, this guy's awesome or woah! ain't she some thang?

But then, you turn and see what you already have, the had already stick through thick & thin {Rain & shine} awesome bunch of friends. Well, considering this, all of us are already fortunate. Isn't it ?

Next; Talk about today. Went out with kishen and michelle to catch "When in Rome", not too bad. Quite a laugh. :)
Was really in the bumped-into-friends' session. Saw Arif, Arran, Ivan tay & cher within two days.
I think i must have missed them too much. :)) i hope to go out with Cher soon. {Reminds self to plan a date.}

Heading for a swim tomorrow. Really hope i can make it. ;) {Both actually.}
And here's a bit of what i gathered ;

"I am so broke, i can't even pay attention."
"My wife say that we need to put in some magic back into our relationship so i disappeared."
"You do reap what you sow, Karma bites. Really."

Oh well, guess it's running late. Flea for tomorrow. Have funn!

Loves suie.

p/s : When time is running, who does it faster ?

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.