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Monday, February 15, 2010
When its all over. @ 6:11 PM

Finally, i am backk!
Though i will be missing Malaysia and my cousins for a long while. :)
Have been planning trips with them, so i am sill deciding on when and whether or not to work. :(

A short trip backk made me realise much stuffs, got me thinking and chilled. {okay, maybe not so chilled.}

Many stuffs happened, and i have yet to reply and/or settle it man. Most importantly, my hard disk/drive, lappy and ipod..... burnt/crash && die together.
Luckily my lappy came out fine after two days. Which was a relief.
Freaking bored!~~~ And i have yet to revise for my subjects, but wait.. My stuffs are gone.

*backk after ten minutes*
Had breakfast and helping sister to look presentable. She's nervous. :x
Great, i am freaking full. :(

Anyway, logging off to settle other stuffs. Many things to do. So little time. :)

Ciaos. :)

Love suie.

P.s: remember the night of once and twice. :)

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