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Wednesday, February 03, 2010
The mere wanting of a material thing, that is of you. @ 12:53 AM

Suddenly, i miss you. I remembered the time where we first had a common liking on this particular male singer, and somehow you secretly gave me this song, ________/_______, a song of his.

It made me wonder why, and i realized. It hurts so much, it ache time to time.
At times, i wanted to kill him and elope with you. But the feeling is never the same, i blame myself for being selfish.
I knew that its' not going to be the same, he will never be like you, and you are not him from the very start.

That is probably the reason why my tears flowed for you and dried for him, the reason why i dare to cry in front of him and to act as though i am fine when i am with you.

I very much wanted you to see my smiles, as much as i want to be in your embrace when i am down.

You were the one who was there, the one who supported me till the end.
The one that never allowed me to embrace a tinge of heartache, because in the end you'd put my smile back.

It will never be the same without you by my side, a feeling that cannot be replaced by any other in fact.

This is sort of once in a life-time and i missed it. And i know even if you do, it will never be the same again.

But selfishly i wished and hoped for a chance of renewal, between you and me, another chance of meeting another the other, so that i won't have to rely on our memories again.

So that i can have that feeling again.

Maybe it is the time you should listen, the time i should look into your eyes.
The time where the meaning of our love should be proven before us. And that we are brave enough to face it.

By; suie.

p/s : your smile melts the words on the tip of my lips, your touch brings life to my skin, and your the mark of what i am looking for, despite the times i contradict.

p/p.s: i have hoped for something more to say, but it is so delicate i am afraid it'd be lost.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.