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Friday, January 15, 2010
Naughty me, it just won't stop @ 1:30 AM

Somehow you feel that you are more productive in wee hours, or weird irregular hours.

I suppose it would benefit me more if i stood at my block and did my homework. I have been a very very naughty kid here. Everyone's at Question three, while i haven even half started or complete my question one. How terrible. I should not care so much about my group work, since no one is doing anything yet. And well, my self-Assignment is weighing heavily. Gosh.

Anyway, just had an early dinner, feeling full, but i suppose i will be hungry very soon. Hmm, i really spend a lot on food. Terrible.

Yesterday, was fatefully, my month-nivery with boyfriend. Went out with michelle first before meeting up with boyfriend. Ate good food, at the food court. And tried "Gui Hua Gao", The first bite wasn't really that pleasant, but the next few ones were pretty good. Afterwards was random walking/shopping before we head home, both cashless. -.- Had a short talk with boyfriend. Well, wasn't that pleasant at all.

Games followed, and boyfriend realized i sucked at playing card games. I think i am like a kid whenever i play card games. *annoyed* He say we going to play stress with UNO cards next time, && I want to watch American Pie! :)

Astro waiting is making me crazy, i doubt i would want to wait next week. Unless i have someone to accompany me, or rather, i hope no one else is, such that i can hide somewhere to do stuffs on my own. :)

Alrights, i think i shall stop here. :)
Loves suie.


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