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Sunday, January 10, 2010
When things get kinda mundane. @ 6:28 PM

Ooh!!! Saw Kamal in the morning, freaking missed him! :) aww, a perfect start for my day. :)
Anyway, yesterday was simply a bore, but all thanks to boyfriend and it was super exciting. :)
Ate like a super monstrous creature, even boyfriend was freaked. Like, we ate McDonald for lunch and dinner, that was like only less than five hours apart ? And at each interval we shared three meals. -.-

School; is freaking loaded with assignments, projects and daily work. Freaking heavily bored.
Super feel like i am in a simplified version of living in an university life.
I need holidays that have no school work to be accomplished by the end of it, and also non-school work and stuffs to worry about. -.-

.Co ;
Chinese New year is up and coming again, this time on the 14th of February. And to my opinion, freaking awesome. :)
Though i will be missing the celebrations and such, {i half wished i wasn't going malaysia} but i think i am going to be fine. i suppose. :)

Alrights, break's over i have to concentrate. -.-

p.s; i'd run right back.

Love suie :)

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