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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
when you know we know @ 8:09 PM

Tsk tsk ! :)

Boyfriend commented that i have been making my appearance at facebook. Very active that is. :) :)

Anyway , Some random updates here. Dance have been a killer , or perhaps i have been out of practice , which is pretty sad yo. Also been eating a whole lot { regular meals and such.

School has been pretty boring , except for a few card makings and quizzes. Which to mention i have been lagging behind in my studies , but i simply don't feel the push OR the need to push myself. Sad to say , exams are in less than three weeks time. Goodness. *-*

I seriously hope for a breather , or perhaps i have too much of it that i don't even know where all that time has gone to. And that's pretty sad. Life isn't all that sad isn't it ? I feel so pointless at times when i leash these thoughts , but then again , don't everyone ?


On a lighter Und Brighter note ; I am meeting boyfriend later for a crash movie at my house around four plus five. Gut ? hmm..

Alrights , i think it's time for to again bid farewell to this post. I seriously hope for exciting parts of this that . {Next post might include what i've drawn for dwayne.}

So long. :)

Lovin' as always.Suie. Adios . :)

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.