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Sunday, November 22, 2009
When some one looks up and say her its sunny , but you see as an overcast. @ 7:01 PM

Weee! I'm back again. :)

A fulfilling week plus plenty of rest. -.- I miss dancing a whole lot. ;)

In case some who don't know , i have been sickk for an entire week , even now i am coughing and sniffing! :(

I miss charis and my awesome bunch of friends. *sighs*
Oh well , On friday caught two movies and concert at Victoria concert hall . Much walking around and supper with kaijing , marcus , cassandra and boyfriend. :)

Saturday went swimming with lil'sissy , brunch was at 18th chef , much fun / catching up && picture taking. rest of the day was pretty much slacking and lazing around. Next comes sunday , church! like finally. :) Afterwards was lunch && movie. {awesome much} && haircuts. :):)

Boring monday comes again , though slight excitement cause i have dance today!! wee. :) happy me. :) :)

Arghs , much birthdays coming up again. :)
Hanging up. :)

updates laterr ;)

P.s: somethings some decisions are not always happy , but they are often kind of like the right choices isn't it ? Lord , tell me if i am wrong.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.