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Saturday, October 03, 2009
Bail him out 'cause he said so. @ 12:37 AM

Hey Hey , blogging again. :)

Got back home with michelle right infront of me. :)
Was suppose to have a long and tiring trip down at sentosa , but pretty much cancelled , as it was cloudy and all.
Lunch was expensive , well to me. Then went back with michelle's lunch after magging.

Talk about yesterday , was a packed trip from west to central with Pottie. :)
Tried my luck at paper market , but i doubt it will be good. *gosh*
Caught two movies : surrogates and cloudy. :)
The 3D sucked except for the colourful flakes part. It was spectacular. :)

Anyway , lunch that day was at Ikea. Tried the food there for the first time { excluding their curry puffs , soft serve & hotdog buns }. :) pretty nice & Simple. :)
Note : $ 299 coffee table. *screams*
Dinner at the theatre and strawberry pandas treat. :)

Pottie dropped by at my house and did physics with me and my sister. Bored him like crazy i guess.

Oh well , i shan't go on further else michelle will be so bored. meee tooooo! :)

signing off : love loves suie.
pictures below! :) watch till the end. and read. :)

P.s: The best had not end , just yet to come.


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