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Sunday, September 06, 2009
gore @ 6:18 AM

Arghs! i have like a thousand and one pictures lagging in my comp , and some new ones which i haven blog up yet! Im so sad blogging dont allow me to post pictures. { Blames myself for not having photobucket or something like that} :)

31st aug :
Teachers day celebration.
Was wondering whether should i go , but went. Met up with the five other girls. Its been so super long since we meet up. {XUELING didnt come} SO sad.

HAHA. Skipping to 3rd sept!
Went to marina barrage with my musketeers YO! :)
We took pictures and went around the gallery , not to mention that we had a hard time finding the place and having a pinic and the green roof. :) hahaha. im super happy and excited that day. :){ All the pictures came out awesome! }

Yesterday , went to a makeup crash course. Gosh , really addictive. :)
Stock up my makeups and went to find my darlings. { boyfriend and menny! }
Waited for him to end work while enjoying playing his cups.
Caught a movie "G-force" , and cabbed home. :)

HAHA , Hamtaro at my house now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHA :) i love her!
haha. Boyfriend popped by in the morning. Ate a half breakfast with him. :)
Afterwards went for my 5km run. which i finished it in thirty minutes new sucky record. arghs. :)
{ Cant blame since im a fatty now }
Met dre dre , and had dinner at home. :) CASSANDRA IS HERE. :)
im soooooo going to lock her in. :)
*shhs* :)

HAHA alrights i shall stop multi tasking and talk to her.:) byeeee!

LOVES LOADS. :) hope tmr will be a sucess :)

signing off :
suieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)

P.S i miss everyone. :)

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