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Sunday, August 02, 2009
Grasp @ 2:00 AM

I super duper ultra sehr uber BORED!
Its not that i have nothing to do , but i just can't seem to get that programming. ZOMG. Someone save me.
&& blogger posting's a bit screwed. :(

awws , whatever.
Assignments are ALMOST clearing up. But exams are falling in. OMG. I better start to buck up and get it over with. days have been torturing. Trust me , im so going to maximise my holidays to enjoy and relax as much as i can. { I shan't be mean and leave the last week of my holidays preparing myself for the upcoming semester. :)) teehee}

Having coming up with some very nicee plans of mine.
I need cashies !
I need to lose Weighties!
&& i need to be NICEETIES!

aye , before i forgot .
Headed out with boyfriend yesterday { Which carmen and xin joined afterwards } , caught "The Hangover" . Comments : Funny like Sh!t && Many 'Artistic' pictures in the ending. -.-
caught up with the three of them , had a pleasant day in conclusion though i had much thinking to do in the end.

GRRS~ rights , im going to head back to my oh-so-interesting maths. :)) Toodles!

p.s : i miss my BOYFRIEND. && plastiqs


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.