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Saturday, July 04, 2009
aim for the loop , shoot for your dreams @ 9:07 PM

Oh no. :) seriously , im not on drugs. :) [ caught by mich ]
Getting really really tired of uploading my pictures to my lappy , somehow i delude myself in believing that the pictures flew straight from my camera to my laptop without me doing anything. :)))

Thats awesome if its made possible. okay these things aside.
My memory and days has been getting worse and worsen. Felt like someone placed a curse on me or something. [ i will curse you back if i found out who you are ] . :)
Unlucky like OH.MY. and Have been losing my card for straight three days. woah. :(
what i could remember is getting my marks , and what happen two days back. :)

Friday , shopped with menns /winnie and baked with dre dre / winnie. Super random-ness. But well , you never know. :))

Afterwards i actually game-ed with boyfriend for like two hours maybe ? LOL. miracle and they say i have the hardcore gamer's look / face . [ seriously ? ] maybe i do have. -.-

Saturaday played basketball with boyfriend , he claims im being very sweet . am i ? i somehow feel that i was really mean to him in the past then. :) been meeting up with him a lot too. Somehow being with him makes me happy , [ other than throwing me in a pool , working out and eating yogurt. ] :)))

Today morning swam with carmen. really enjoyed her stories. :) shes my best mate man. :)
afterwards we splited and head home. -.- gosh , and i still have to head for work. -.- -.-
super super boring. :) i hope everything will be good . :))

Alrights , those talks aside. some random pictures i got from mich's camera. enjoy . :)))

P.s: i love you more and more :) i want you more and more. im becoming more and more selfish. But thats because i just went ga-ga goo goo over ya. ~ *
pursuing my dreams . :___ suie :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.