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Sunday, June 14, 2009
Rings around me @ 9:06 PM

Hops hops* :))
Working past few days as usual . Oh my gosh. Sales have been a killer. Happily went to escape with dearest. Thinking i was the happiest girl i step out of the shop. Totally having the eyes of envy around me from my colleagues and their friend. Seems like im sucha happy-go-lucky girl.

Tension - gahhs

Afterwards dinner at Japanese village.
Chatted about his sermon today. Hmm.. was kinda surprised about something.
Next yoghurt plus great company. :))

Sometimes i think having you is just enough. Is it me or both of us are as tiring ? *sighs*
Maybe its just time we needed ? maybe the understanding wasnt enough. A barrier or something else ?

Alrighto that aside. :)))
On the the 12th , band peeps celebrated my birthday. Totally awesome /appreciated.
Sometimes i think im so easily contented. :)) Or perhaps im just too nice. :)
Kidding ~* Steamboat over at my house with cake and fruits. wasnt long but it was quantity. random-ness picture taking again which im not going to post all but its viewable at their blogs too. :)) Too bad cher / simin couldnt make it. But well , the thoughts baby.

Righto ! something about today.
Still waiting for michelle to come over. Having a small calsss meeting afterwards. believe me im having an ultra - mutual feeling here * shakes head *. :))

okay , i have to go and settle some stuffs. Talk later.
CIAO~ :))
love loads suie.

P.S: sometimes i wonder am i trying to hard ?


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.