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Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Vanished @ 9:16 PM

Hey ho!
Going to update my blog before it serious turn cold and rot with fungus. :(

I missed monday's dance practice. *-*
Was suppose to head down to check whether im in or not. But something or somehow rather i didnt make it.

Loan two magazines from school's library , awesome in a sense they covered almost all magazine [ though they dont have nylon / vivi .etc kinda range ] but fair enough. :) say , my school is filthy rich.
Aside : i thought it was nice to slack at the library at times , but i only have one hour break or less than that everyday. seriously.

Didnt manage to finish both and went to lend another book today , i wonder whats the loan limit in total. Prolly going to exceed [ but michelle might beat me first ] . :))
Totally slept in class for an hour and din manage to complete my test again. -.- have myself to blame after all. i think im getting the sleepy-ness from XXX.

Dance yesterday was cool-ness X infinite. :)) Totally blushed due to some reasons. [ weixin stop laughing ] and locking was replaced by a cute japanese dance teacher. A very fast / different style , had fun and realise i had much to catch up yo. :((
Have to buck up on locking. :))

Asked a favour of someone to get a couple things for me. OMG. Countless thanks. Thinking whether i should spend on another shirt. Gosh. i need jerseys tops. :) Though matthias says its not logical for me to get it. *cries*

Note : i have been relying on loads of peeps again. Gosh. Should stop but always failed. *Grrs*

Ring in your ears :
Memories rooted so deep ;
tears that run dries on thy cheeks ;
Our shoulders uplifted ;
i wonder where did the ties went ;
it hurts to think about it ;
unbearable even when i had to hit rewind and play it.
We promise to be bffs and last to the end.
But was the pact part of the act ?

Gone and forever ; loves loads suie.
p.s: sometimes it just feels weird when you recall the past and how was it like.~*

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