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Wednesday, April 08, 2009
turn bump hug & kiss :) @ 6:42 AM

"Holding back my tears i wanna cry ;
I made myself silent i dont know why ;
Hiding in a corner with my phone still on ;
I wonder who's the ones i could still lean on ;
The ones I've help . No i Can't .
The ones who 'd care ? No i shouldn't .
How about the ones that are still there ? yes i could .
But as i turn back theres only my shadow standing there ,
confidently looking back ;
Pity that as lonely as it is ;
How strangely as it seems ;
i figured in the end its just only me ;
But who cares right ? tsk tsk . "
Okay ! that above was so EMOTIONAL . :))
Oh well , lets not ruin any of it. These few days chan suie has been getting the minimal sleep. Either external factors or of personal. :)
Today spent my time with PAPI. how strange.
Oh well , was at bugis and then head down to ______ __ for locking lessons. :)
I super like locking. I think its like so cute . :) :)
Oh well , chan suie 's day is SEHR boring. :))) oh dear , just received my work schedule. im working like six days the next week. :)) hahaha. Moo-ney Moo-ney! hahahahahahaha. :)))
Okay suie 's post is going to come to an end for today .
Bye bye people. ADIOS!!! :)))
Reviewing your messages is what i could only do ;
for theres a limit of what you can do ;
24 / 7 is it untrue ? ;
Call or not to call which is the truth ? ;
I once thought it might be special for me ;
But theres still space which you and i'd hesitate ;
Tobe here and not to be ;
who shall i go to if you arent free ;
With the last support falling im still standing lone ;
its just the matter of how long till im gone . ::


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.