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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
I saw what you saw @ 8:41 AM

Oh goodness ! Days have been Passing like its no ones' business! :))
And i certainly dont like the feeling of it. It seems like im wasting off my youth and life. I should totally go bungee - jump , or self - enrich myself in someway before i turn old and sag . :) it sounded so horrible to be old. :)
Recently i've been bugging myself and some of the peeps with a question. ' What would you do if you're to die tomorrow ? ' hmm ... so what would you do ? :))))
I think its a bit retarded to think about it. But well , you'd certainly do / try something that you would not do / try normally ? and i think thats how your life should have been. :) that interesting and un - regretful :) [ if there's sucha word ] :)

Lets see what i have been up to recently ; It would be easier if i filled the whole post with pictures , but im plain lazy. :) Got like seven other peeps over at my house on sunday. And sorta had fun chatting , rather than doing something. So was kinda bored halfway. :)
And for today. The lovely Monday. chan suie was late for work. I was late for an hour. :) How great ! [ this shows how piggy suie can be ] :)) Got nagged by the security. :( *pissed*
But i think i got into it myself. And i skipped dance yet again. 'cause no one's going!!!! So i decided to pack my clothes. :))))
Just before that , i went grocery shopping with weixin. :) Totally should just buy a house and live with her. We look like we live together anyway. :) which we will totally make our house rock. :)) and there would be like our favourite furnitures / ETC. :))) tra lalas~ :))
Im fantasizing !!
Next! My lil ' sister have been nagging me on my money - spending. Im like kinda moo-ney retard. :)) SO i need friends like weixin and Cassandra to stop me , otherwise i'd spend my moo-ney away like water. :) speaking about them . They have been swimming! I think its because of me. :))) 'cause suie have been swimming recently. And im very happy about that !! Swimming is so tiring , but its so fun !!!! :)))))) After this post everyone can try asking someone out to swim . Totally great :)
Oh well , suie has been blabbering non-stop again , and she hopes that you guys have been enjoying reading her post. :) cause she wants to make her readers happy happy!!!! A smile on the face goes a long way for others :)) remember that. And you'd smile 'cause like what Cassandra says , tomorrow will be a better day. SO better live 'til tomorrow. :))))
LOves suie ;) Adios people !
A secret is hard to keep ,
A sin to say ;
And a lie to cover ;
But at the same time ;
its an excitement to know ;
An achievement to show ;
And the reason to know .
P.s : Live ' til tomorrow , and you will realise tomorrow never comes. So you'd live on everyday. :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.