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Monday, March 02, 2009
A slit on the throat @ 5:56 PM

My My , days are getting Sehr boring as i work. My daily routine's like work/eat/sleep.
Oh dear ~ im living like a walking zombie/robot. Set up to do only these three actions. Sh!t. :(

NOTE: In case no one knows what im talking about , Im currently holding on to two jobs . One's At heeren [ billabong ] , and the other is at Raffles shopping mall , phyto organics. :) heehee.

Working hours is a killer & my schedule has been super hectic. This certainly makes me wanna quit for a breather , but a thought struck me as soon , that Being occupied and having that imaginary feel that im guilty of not being able to spend time with my friends is better off facing the reality alone.
Maybe / prolly im thinking too much for my own good. Wandering off to something that im facing only ten years down the road. But would that be an insight? haha. Or maybe a so-call planning/ foretelling of the future?
Well well , skip all this random thoughts and back to these days.
Saw michelle Yesterday , well with weixin and carmen. It sets most of peeps here thinking and as well as myself. I suppose maybe what i did during our graduation ceremony was right. It was like in the unconscious part of myself knew what was going on. Maybe it was me that was deluding myself and making me seem im as blur too. Maybe not? haha. Maybe (s).
Oh well. Bought a new Nail polish for myself , with jacjac. Its in bright electric blue. HAHA. [ though jacjac din get the same colour as me ] :)) im super delight . I want a bright yellow/ crimson yellow and also a Lime green one. *yipees*
Alrighto! Next some plans for myself.
- Japanese
- German [ vergessen ]
- Spanish [ Que sera sera ] :)))
- apply online.
- Buy two shoes! [ three if possible ]
- Slim baby~!
- Michelle's birthday gift. [ whether im invited or not ] *-*
- Continue my dance class. [ plus self train ]
- Equipped myself with a few outfits for langkawi trip. :)
- Trying hard to follow jacjac's advice. :)
- there's more to come , but i will just focus on these first.
If theres a time limit for lies ;
There would be one for truth too.
before i go , here something for someone (s).
Do you really enjoy the mask ure wearing ?
Do you feel the loneliness?
Do you ever thought that you hurt someone in & out truely ?
& could you even face yourself when your lying to everyone your with ?
I suppose so. tsk tsk.
alrighto! chansuie have to make her way. toodles!
P.s : if im wrong , come and make me right. At least i know you still care. If not , please dont stab me behind my back 'cos losing you is pain enough.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.