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Sunday, February 08, 2009
Dilema of love @ 1:01 AM

Haha. Today was church as usual. [ Saturdays ]
Service/sermon was nice. Haha. :)
This was the results:

Your heart aches as you spend $50/$100 to get something you want While someone on the other end Dont even have more then US$1 per day to live on.

You waste your time in school , you think schools a bore , you repeat your years. You want to get out of school. YOu go to school as playtime. While theres is more than 4 billion peeps on the other side could not go to school and recieve education.

You dont respect yourself , doing foolish stuffs and not cherishing your body or what you have.
While some one on the other side have no choice but was sold by their family to work as prostitute when they are only 3 or 4. So that the family have money to sustain them for another one week.

Make a stand to change the world. Mean what you say , live on it. Do what is needed of you.
Dont always ask what people can do for you , ask what can you do for them. :)

DOne for here. :))

Talk about yesterday.
Went for House visiting over at mrs chua. Joy was super duper CUTE!~ oh my goodness. I want to have kids. Many many !!!~ OHHH!
Afterwards was a tedious trip down Bugis. Met up with moussy and cher. The four of us then dine at shokudo , it was suppose to be at Miss clarity cafe~ oh dear. But its okay. Got gastric and forget my pills. *-* Gone case~ mummy knew and came down to drive me home. How sweet.

okay okay , there goes my boring two-o-days. =))
No questions?? lovely people. Byebye!!!
Loves suie.

P.s:Im erwartend, valentines Tag, wo you~ OH- liebe i Liebe mein Babyjunge sind!

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