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Thursday, January 22, 2009
In my dream there's a smoke screen , In my life i couldnt see @ 7:13 AM

``Dear dear ME , just had a filling supper. =))
{ when i just say i need to watch my diet } . =))
Just got back from class chalet. This time round chalet was much sucessful then the last few ones. =)). Pretty much enjoying myself , having loose screw(s) up my head. *Laughs~*
Ate much there [ as expected from a CHALET ] . Second day was more of the WORK and boring. haha. Running up and down , getting myself dirtied and smelly & ETC. =))
Pictures are at the least , because suie's not holding the camera & she isnt free & the camera is not in her hands/near her. =))
Sorry to peeps because im Pretty much having a disordered-mood/feelings these few days. & troubled by nightmares and many many things that i dont even know. =((

Some thanks to :
>Cassandra , who accompanied me and helped me.
>Michelle , being so patient & helping me there and here.=))
>The guys [ kishen/matt ] for entertaining me.
>Malay girls , for playing with me. =))
>Winnie , being crazy/dance with me =)).
>AriF. for teaching me some footworks. =)).
>Xueling/Angela for gving us FOOD. =))
>Andre , for sending me home. & ***** *** *** **.
> If i do left out anyone and you feel the need for your name to appear. Pls do lemme know. =))

Gotta' run off. Im chasing after You.
Loves suie..

If theres a test coming towards me , i will grab the chance and take it.
But first i need the confidence , and the confirmation to win it.
And now you must be thinking , pondering and wondering ,
It would be lovely if lifes a game , so you could revive & try again and again.

P.s: im losing my voice. i wanna go to a place of comfort&security. if theres someone out there for me.

&& pictures are not up today. im lazy!. =))
&& i hope that i could live my everyday with no regrets & to its fullest so im not wasting my youth / time / life.

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