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Sunday, January 11, 2009
Momentum @ 5:42 AM

I have been like missing and running around in circles for DAYS.
Have been accompanying different peeps , and having them to spend the minimum time with me. { & i felt freakin' bad } . =(
`Neverminds~ Was onto Chalet for Zhiwei. I dont really have the clear idea of who planned it or whose Chalet was it??? =)
NOTE: no pictures cause its at weixin's dslR =)
`Chalet was Fun { to extreme laughter } on the second Day. { porno , Quote from weixin }But i think it was like R-Rated Oh.. well.. i shan't elaborate , it shall be kept within the peeps there. =) *smirks*
` It will then continued with the norm stuffs. { drinking ; etc.. }
`Gone to caught the sunrise , although we end up seeing clouds.{ Martin/andre/weixin/songhan/xueling/me }.
And it was Fab still. Entered a long chat with andre. && many stuffs was cleared , This conver. had set me on thinking in depth of certain things and found answers to some of the doubts/confusion i have myself. { i find it hard to say what all it meant } =) *smiles*
`Home-ed afterwards , was suppose to go swimming with huiting in an hour's time. And i over-slept. Missed it, Lunch-ed and Head to church. Church session was sehr interesting , We have The vines from hongkong and a small concert By three traveling students { Australians } And they sing very well. =) *delights*. Oh . In between the moments i thought of *andre*& the conversation we had. { sounded so wrong }. That gave me the lil' push i needed for the decision i made in church. And i thought it was good. =) *yikes!*
`Afterwards was WORK. But i Gave up halfway to camp at home. Caught Titanic on star movies. A very nice old show which i believe lotsa peeps should have already watched it. { Damn good } & *super Sweet!!*
`lastly all the best to the peeps that are getting Os level result tomorrow. Dont be late. =) oh and dont cry. =)
Loves suie.
p.s: love is again a word but it makes people cry and die over it. =)


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