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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Heart Throbs @ 5:39 AM

A trail of sleazy sights.... The looks of unknown Faces..... Blinding lights , Blaring music , confused minds.... Silent watchers... unintended movements and evil predators... and willing preys. { seductions }

Sighs~* i just realised... my world was so much different and it was when i discover humans DO change.

`Anyway , was out with Jacjac/wife. Met up and down to The Cathy for lunch and movie. =) Walked to a nearby flea market , Was considering { them } Whether to go haji lane.. But we end up at Mrt's Arcade. Back at home was troubling.. Confused.. But anyway the things over and settled? =) im super glad/happie.

` I had left you far away , and i wont be meeting you in another place.
A separation from you had let me realised that i loved you dearly.
But when i turned back you are with her, a girl that whom i knew but not close to.
And that must be God's action . which i had too prefer. For i can still turn to those close ones.
For i can still watch you from afar and not that up close.which i had too.... preferred.

If time could turn back , i rather i was with you.
But i know there werent 'ifs' happening and time wont turn back , unless in the future.=)

Leave your life with no regrets , but love is always something unforgettable.
Shall say its a beautiful memory , of wonderful moments and happie times.

Loves suie : signing off~

p.s: after your secondary life , i guess its hard to find one guy that would love you/me entirely/devotedly/sacrificing. =)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.