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Friday, November 28, 2008
Me Against the music. @ 8:13 AM

Hello~ backs backs backs again!!
hahas. been working and working. slogging and slogging my guts out!! hahas.
Some updates , fangyi [ my wifey ] and jacjac has joined my comapny. haha. great at least i get to rotate with them. *smiles*
well, i aint feeling all sort of great recently. with stress all the way. the lack of sleep. the pressure of results and choices to make!!! urgh! PLUS. my cousins are coming over. and the first thing they would say. oh my goodness.. you have grown plump-er!! sh!t ass. die die. die die. die die.
im freakin' sad. LOL.
Anyway , Miss emily had got itself/herself?? into some free publicity. and if interested in the apparels you spot pls , you're sehr welcome to buy/visit our shop.
in the following ;
` Weddings
`prom nights [ JCs ]
`Media corp.
`in Zouk outs.
`chinese new year [ new clothes ]
*laughs~* aint it much?? LOL.What freak me out most recently was those inconsiderate cum act blur cum act cute customers. Come when they know we are about to close for the day , try tons of clothes and go away. lastly, which i got really pissed, was that bloodly *** biatch.. that throw the tried clothes into the BIN . i repeat THE BIN!!! heck?! are you blind?? or do you think you're whatsoever princess?? Its so PLAIN obvious that i threw lunch into the BIN and you still throw the clothes IN???! Goshes~*. *Faints~*
Next, those moments aside. im going for my haircut and fish therapy real soon. see me with new hair style and new borne heels... LOL
haha. and and im heading to japan which i dont know why i dont really feel happy about it. LMAO. haha. well i have to go and POMPPOMP. lol.
TAKECARE. loves. suie!!
p.s: i missed you. i think of you. and i thought i dreamt of you appearing. *smiles*


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