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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
miracle @ 5:48 AM


guess what , people are jumping for joy! O'levels are coming to an end soon. Though i dont actually feel the tension there constantly.

hahas. *smiles*. anyway. Talk 'bout yesterday and today.

Went to pariss international buffet with momi. ate to the brim and went random walking.

Bought a couple stuffs { not allowed to buy loads. going to japan } =) Was surprised by huiting.(wong) hah. saw angela and... okay i forgot who was there. yea. =)

Got our breakfast and afterwards cabbed home with lil' sis.

Literally slept through the cab trip. [ was damn tired ]. hah.


Mother tongue paper was actually easier then mid-year. The bad thing is, i have a feeling its gonna be moderated. nice. *-* goshes~!. Right, actually i dont felt like talking 'bout today. sad uhs? but thats too bad. anyway, if anyones interested in rock bands. you guys can look up for arran/dominic/marlon. they are performing soon. tickets and details can be acquired from either one of them. *smirks*. anyway. i start to dislike you. and thats too bad. at the same time i felt a tinge of sadness.. peace out babe.

They say it was forever.

They say it would last.

They say they would remember.

but it was none.

when i turn back it was playful memories,

but as i see them again,

will they still walk with me once more?


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.