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Friday, August 15, 2008
FATE @ 7:54 AM

Im very shocked by how things happen in a series by the arrangement of fate. =)

Was really tired this morning. Try having a series of three nightS being Unable to sleep well, when you want to. you will feel terrible. *-* Chemistry was up first. Got papers and gonna miss mrs chua like so so much! Got a chance earlier and took a picture with her anyway. =) Geography was pretty much the same. Til' i got knocked out. And i am damn pissed by that.

MOther tongue was kinda *chore*. i totally dont know how to face Mrs Tan. Goshes~

lessons was over at class 405. Doing papers and stuffs. with students walking in and out and in. especially arran/dominic. really wonder was it on purpose. *opps!* XP. hahs. t00 badds. =)

Ti TA tI~ after school went down to orchard with mich/huiting.

Lucky plaza was our first stop. ate there. The feeling was ultra weird. Afterwards pretty much enjoyed ourselves and got our stuffs happily despite that we walked more then 12k. *according to huiting's handphone counter* =) && im so gonna get thise pretty/cute things i saw. SHOPP! *arhem* Mag-ed over at Kino. took 'bout an hour plus?? im like still not finished with those uber thick magazines. but we have to leave anyway. *task at hand* Ta ti da~ !!!!

Coincidence happens. And today i totally believed it. Watching how we knocked into many of our friends. old/new. *blurs*....... afterwards was spotted by my seniors { which gave me the second shock after zy} near my home.

PLus. was surprising that some peeps would actually talk to me. im not referring to one. but a few. hmm... guess fate is playing a huge joke on me. Why let them see me when i am reduce to...?!!??!!? hahs.

Im so gonna catch those movies at hand. BUT. studies should come first.

&& im so gonna smack those who looked down on me. =)

P.s let me believe i could love again. and this feeling aint faked. =)


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