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Monday, July 28, 2008
been Amazed @ 7:15 AM

Well lets start shall we? School was as per normal. =)
Exception SPA skill 3 which cause a shock out of me. Damned. Xp. Soon as the test was over. i realised my experiment was different from the class. *maybe entire* and its like. NOT MOCK. its for O' levels. marking. Sh!t. well since whats done. it cant be undone. aside. Geography was a crazy rush. Blahs blahs. nothing much actually. Afterwards. Skipped Chinese lessons and went with mich/dhana/brason/matthias to plaza singapura. and not long we decide to head for the foodcourt. Ate. Much had changed over there. Realising i haven been there for like ages. =.= anyway , good times. With AN AAAAAAAAAA plus cause we saw Model there. and i do mean Real/famous one. =) glad!!! *gloats*
Got Franz pressie , which kinda take a LONG time. and well saw a couple of designs i find cute/nice . =) { ima broke kid } =) *giggles* Random walking/toilet-ing. And Headed tampinies , which we did much of a bitching/chattings/randoms. Got my stuffs and re-buy-ed Yhans pressie. *waste*. =) then headed home with a treat from GrandPapie!! haha. yeahs~!! anyway. today was short and sweet. =) loved.

Hasse suie.
P.s you will be amazed how much other peeps know about one person. =)
Be amazed. Tschus.


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