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Monday, June 30, 2008
*knock-about* @ 7:44 AM

DoOo!... =) hahas~ i know i haven been blogging for like Freakin' Long~ hahas. No pictures sadly, but hmms.. gotta give a kinda detailed post... =) muahahas! Today was kinda Tiring? but wasnt dozing off like the others.. surprised? muahahas. { end up got smacked on the forehead } hahas. School wasnt much to mention. Physics. Teacher is having Tad A.P . oh well.. afterwards was english.. and then geography, kinda tiring... having to walk up to the lab. then go down to our class for english. Then up again to geography classroom.....!!!!!! Torture~!! i pity those with classrooms stuck at fourth floor. lmao~! hahas. Before that i passed Junwei's pressie to him. hhaha. Hopes he like it wor~ haha. After all this was Meeting mRs Chua. Din do much with her. and got another appointment with her on Thursday. well.. the least a can do. Headed to Tampinies mall with Mouse/Hamtaro/Van Tan. Catched *Get Smart* Wasnt really as funny as i thought it would be. and Almost one quarter to half of the laughters are indirectly/directly caused by Mouse. =.= Ivan Tan left in a hurry , well then the three Musketeers.. went on walking and browsed magazines at times. *smirks* round eight we went home. Din take pictures but did embarassing stuffs. i literally jumped at the station. { doing jumping jacks } oh goshes~ hahas. went to get some stuffs for friends and went home. ate dinner/showered. Sadds~ i am UBER tired. i wanna sleep ! i wanna REST! i want! *sighs* tomorrow is weight/height taking?? gonna bang wall soon.. !! sh!tz.

oh well.. gonna end my post right here now. muackies~* love peeps. and gonna go orhorhs~ le! muahahas.



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