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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Yet so close and that far @ 7:33 AM

Woke up with moodless sensation~ its a torture to wake up early and sleep late at night. hmms.. today was random/boring. Was all onto my harrypotter book. I want to finish before i start my revision. Kinda hardcore but who cares. Today's Quiz during Social studies made me felt that i really had forgot about everything i learn and did for it. Goshs~ Mr.farizal is gonna be so....~ hmm.. =) let just say i din do pretty much well. oh. Mrs Tan missed chinese. Recived our confirmation slip. which led me to know that i am taking my Oral examination on this thursday. which is on my lil'sisters birthday. That's too bad~ random doing. after school headed over to winnie's house. planned to study while we went to buy some snacks. goshs~ afterwards i embarrassed myself? i din know her brother was then home and i spoke damn..... oh well. lets not mention about it. TAtA~ hmm.. soon we chatted/lamed/joked. Winnie and her brother is totally comical. you should see! lmao. and winnie is a damn enjoyable girl to be with { also my some other friends too~} haha. i stayed till quite late as it was raining heavily as it sort of turned better. i cabbed home. { and no i am not rich } Got home did what my mumi asked me too. showered/ate. waited to be online when my internet connection started to give me problems. took me twenty whole minutes to settle the router and everything. goshs. now waiting for her to online so everything would be settled hahas. oh well.. and i guess i did be going?

Quote: anyone looking for study accompaniment? i am free~~ haha.

LOves suie~ hass suie~ oh oh.

P.s i wont be gone for long.

To Forgive yet not forget.

To remember but not to be spoken.

To see yet not to leak.

To believe yet not The truth.

To love yet not to possess.

TO hate yet not to Do.

To want you i chose to let go.

Cos' i believe if you were for me , you would come back one day.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.