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Saturday, June 14, 2008
Creeps and laughs.. @ 3:34 AM

Illusion , Delusion.... oh gosh.. you are hallucinating my girl.. ~ ohs..lets start off with yesterday shall we? ohs..yesterday was suppose to have lessons with Mr.GOh but he couldnt make it.. thats sad for us. but its okay? so we { me/winnie/Aitiah(spelling error) } went off seperate ways after waiting long. oh and before that i got back my chemistry textbook~ from mrs CHUA haha. yeahs. but its like.. din expect to see her.. plus her tummy is getting bigger each day..haha.. and and somemore she just got back from malacca.. how unexpected. haha..Hmm.. afterwards went to meet Moussy and Vans.. hang at burgerKIng's and then went Kfc, got something to eat and till the brim~ lols.. but i still craves for food and cont.. snacking untill MOussy asked me to stop? hahas. Then we went on back to my house but its like.. none of us brought the textbook so.. we did Maths.. and it was getting kinda bored so me and Vanz began to on some very old songs.. from the Vegaboys? hahas.. yeahs.. then was like.. we are singing and swaying.. { mainly me } oh well.. thats not it. after that we got cheng hoo here. we played and did facial stuffs.. *hopes it works* whatever. then we played cards.. Theres *in between* and biggie two. alls fun.. and then last round me and moussy won. with 2.1 and 1.7 haha. and so then we went to eastpoint. soon vanz and cheng hoo left us. and then left me , MOussy and crystal. hmms.. they accompanied me to get deserts and then Moussy got home. Chatted and walked crystal home, i went home eventually. oh well.. this aside. something about today shall we? lets carry on bah. hmm.. okay. Today was tad cute/creepy/funny.First early in the morining , i saw a guy which was like we are damn dramatic? we look at each other , blinked, looked, blinked . and then i shouted you were that tuition guy right, and he went nodding like siao. lmao. okay he was a guy who went to the same tuition as me and well we dont know each other's name. haha. oh well.. he was doing cip so.. we cant chat much,. okay., head for tuition. and Mr frank was tad bit late. hmms.. tuition was screwed as it was down to me and cheng hoo lols and of course the teacher. ahah.. we are all up on the board. hmmm.. okay afterwards went to meet dhana? haha.. Shhs~ oh well. then we walked, sat , studied/read. hmms... hmms.. kkays now it was home sweet home~ ahhs~ hahas.
i'm gone~ Hasse suie.
P.s your laughter just killed me in the other end. *smiles*


When whispers no longer survive;

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