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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
OH MY........ @ 6:12 AM

Okay, actually continued with this blogging, cause i somehow felt bad not blogging about today~ *faints* .... okays. lets get it STARTED!... dots... =.=
oh well, was coaching again {last} Mr farizal manage to finish the chapter like he said. *coolness*
and then was break? afterwhich we are supposingly to be heading for geography lessons.. but somehow... erhs... we skip it??! { me/dhana/winnie} okay i think woth some boys too?? kkays.
afterwards , head to simpang bedok with mich/huiting/kishen/dhana. ate/chatted. i wasted food. lols. cant blame me!!.. *-*... hms.. then we head on to citylink/raffles to get *somethings* and and chatted all way. it was SOooooooooooooooo fun!! haha. yeahs. had milo dino! was like damn thirsty~ was like suppose to get something for my cousins but FAILED! lols. sorrys~ then all of the sudden kishen started to mimick me! *hmmpfs*!! lols.. kkays.. afterwhich we then head to the MPH, flipped through smitten... and some picturing book that huiting got it... lols.. then soon it was home . was really tired out? i fell on the bed and napped~ lols.. just an hour or so i woke up. bathed and ate agains~ *faints*... then played my lappy~ then was dinner.. now on lappy agains.. also.. doing origami! *to kishen* origami ROCKS~ lols. =) *winks* kekes..
okay thats all about it. No pictures this time round cause i was scared by the stoopid levis salesman!! lols. i wanted to take pictures of us on the sofas~ din manage to.. *sobbx* kkays. gotta go?
oh and i have something to say :
Love is like a dream ;
When it is gone its like a memory ;
maybe forgotten ;
maybe its still alive ;
but whatever it is , when its gone , its gone ;
just like a dream ;
The moment you wake up you have to come back to reality ;
face the music , the world and to just keep it within you.
P.S i'm still lovin' every single one of you.
Hasse suie~

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