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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Gssh @ 9:53 AM

~ okay i know its not early now but it isnt that late afterall..[12.53am]. :)
well now currently msn-ing peeps. Today was like suppose to be the holidays?! but we have coaching. Poor things.. *Us* *sighs* lols. muahhas. lols. Today's caoching was like..*sianzation* lols. double maths. break. Double maths. Break.
both break.. was like Bored? haha. first gulp down one can of milo. Then second break was like stuffing things down? lols. was very bored that me and winnie are actually complaining that time passes so slowly. lols. haha. then it was physics. which we went to the lab. had to plan experiments and then we went on with the DATA LOGGER. [which we are suppose to wait for all those bio-students ] haha. yeah~ lols. hmm... went to get a drink and planned to head home.. lols. Caught up with xueling , she then wanted to go to the library? [ like what i planned first] haha ... so went there with her. Was so coincident we saw johnathan? and kumar. well.. was still tad mindful of what he said.. that morning , but it actually doesnt matter [and in the matter of fact its okay JOHNATHAN] . haha. =)
afterwards grab some bite and headed home was doing maths. and i fell asleep.. for like totally three hours and i woke up { apparantly by my lil'sister } lols.
yeahs~ hms.. showered/ate and MOUSSY called. lols. Meeting her tomorrow?? well.. then waited for HAMTARO to call to *on a mission to save her* TADDA~
lols. then chatted , soon Moussy was very tired so we let her off.. and it was down to 1:1 me and hamtaro. the mouse FIGHT! ting!ting!ting!. lol.s =.=
kkays. gonna stop here now. Tomorrow's another longlonglong day! like.. coaching's gonna be forever?! sh!t. whatever!
Hasse suie. =)
P.s i just can't stand people who are THAT fake.


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