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Monday, May 26, 2008
i can to be a dream girl @ 7:23 AM

i din edit this one,. it has its on effect when taken =)

!! today was chinese O'level? okay like everyone will be
talking about it. we had some private canditates?
hmms.. oh well.. overall i did pretty bad. [ yepp no wrong]
its pretty bad. i din manage to finish both papers? got
the *biao ti* wrong and *li ti* what the heck. for paper
two.. [regrets] i manage to have the answer.. then the
teacher came and collect... ZzzzZ blames for being the
second.. lols.. RETEST!! lol. but i wanna be happy! i dont
know why. plus today when going out with the girls, it
made me more motivated to make them happie too.
when i bring joy to them. And i hope for everlasting-
happines for them. laughs~ today was totally slack..
lols.. after school went home to bath/change/eat. =)
lmao. [it was all so confusing] well after much time , met
winnie and mich. then went back to simei platform to
meet hamtaro... then go eunos.. meet Moussy! lols. after
that went to cityhall [after much arrangement]
accompanied winnie and mich ,eat. then went back
down to met huiting~ lols. after that mostly went about
aimlessly walking, [actually wanted to catch a movie]
lols...chatted / laughed/ took pictures. then after mich
left we went to bugis? lols. all of them were tired out.
but still we continued to shop , etc.. lols. kinda bored.
well then we split [cuase mumi was like drving me
home?] haha. yeahs~ hmms.. back home had supper
then showered. =) dadi got a new car. lols. hahas.


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