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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
failure? @ 6:28 AM

Another day.. yet was overcome by that overwhemled feelings..in me..
Did very bad for both language.. many was shocked too? like erhs.. i think i felt worst off after what they say.. something like i let evryone down.. cause they din expect me to get this low.. and i think i owe my teachers the most.. *sighs* bad day. after school..went to help winnie with her postage and went home.. worked and slept for like an hour? then washed up, ate and started to do some of my work.. i needa buck up.. and what the heck am i still blogging? lmao.. seriously. next time its weekend blogging? i suppose? hmm.. gonna off like two weeks.. as 'O'level chinese is like less than two weeks away.. 'bout there? *sighs* haha.
hmms.. tomorrow's another sad day . should be.. i dont expect myself to do any better for other papers as well.. sh!t .. *sighs* oh well.. going out tomorrow..
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