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Monday, April 28, 2008
Oh.. and so.. three muskeeters. @ 7:45 AM

hmm.. today was like.. saying a pray hard prayer before stepping out.. LMAO.. =) Today was like any other schooling day.. except. one : knowing that Sa1 is coming.. two: knowing hat this hurdle is the last one before the 'O' levels. three : i haven start anything and lastly.. four : today is a rushing day. school was usual.. and after that went to look for the social studies and history teachers.. both XX not free.. well then me and mich joined xueling and hamtaro for maths.. all did amaths... crapped a lot with Mrs Ng.. she smacked me! lmao.. like..erhs.. after that went to mondi with mich and hamtaro.. after which me and hamtaro chatted and went on to eastpoint to meet moussy.. which she haven reach.. so we went wandering around.. looking at books. Wonder~.. and something unfortunate happen to happen to us.. lols..*laughs~* okay.. then met moussy at Burgerking's.. even called her to book good place.. haha.. Aunty.. lols. hmms.. was chatting rather then studying like usual.. oh well.. and picture taking too.. =) this time i wasnt the all time photographer.. was them lo! haha.. oh well.. reached home 'bout ten?? late yes.. and bought newspaper for momi. so i didnt get any scolding. muahahas.. oh well.. showered and it feels wonderous.. haha i wonder.. hmm.. okay nar.. gotta go le.. missing the times.. i know i loved you. and now.. stop making me regret it. :) Hasse suie.

this looked ultra nice. muahahas.

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