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Thursday, April 17, 2008
@ 4:45 AM

Hmm.. back to a bit of touch and go blogging here... Today.. Not gonna say so much about recent stuffs.. 'cause not really much have been going on? Got a couple of detention , homework rushing , composition up and down.. was glad that my name was not 'used' for the second round of TABOO. and enjoyed it as well.. with much laughters.. Today is thursday so there was assembly programme.. for which i think quite good 'cause it was really funny , plus with my physics teacher there.. it was hilarious.. and fun.. After which was chinese.. randoms.. Then was band.. *sobbs~* seniors last practice... *crys* i will miss everyone?? hmms.. went to ya kun with the usuals.. ate / chatted.. [thought about a lot of stuffs, and realised that nothing has been the same. i have been too naive ... no stuborn that i refuse to change some mindset of mine.. and many things through hamtaro..through mouse.. and through three other peeps.. perhaps.. i have been wrong.. ] oh.. then we walked back to school.. Went to check on the junior's playing.. was quite okay? in fact some where.. good?? and cute... =) oh well.. practice ended with Mr. GOh's so call speech for us.. and we said thank you. *-* how polite... *giggles* hmms.. band ended early and we had eclairs although i am not such a fan of it.. =) went to eastpoint.. accompanied diana.. and got some stuffs to eat. Walked home.. and blogging~ woots.. haha.. okay and i have to go off here.. see you guys like.. a very long time after? maybe wont blog for speech day event.. Byes..LIEBE suie." Try very hard to judge my real feelings.. but dont try to judge me by person " To Diana : hey , even it was a short while but i am glad to see that you had accepted this friendship of mine. in case peeps dont know. Tomorrow's someone's birthday. from 408. :) byes~

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