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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
@ 5:56 AM

Hey~ people...
oh well.. If any you guys wonder... the below post i did it out of pure boredom.. oh and it boils down to one thing. is i don't mind my candid shots being posted onto net. as in... if its my friend.. and in his/her blog. *-*. by the way, if you look good.. you don't even need a fake post to look good. and if you look bad even you post your cutest/nicest look it will still look bad. So don't blame people. Also... if you guys until any point who don't like my blog. you can leave. cause i am not even interested in any of your presence to lay upon my blog web. =)

okay.. a bit about yesterday. Was trying best to not sleep in physics... while being Really entertained by Mr. Goh and his stories. Real stories. and we laughed like no one's business.. seriously.. then.. i forgot everything. whatever. After scholl went baking with mouse and hamtaro over at my house. We did a few nice goodies.. for today. and it came out.. well.. almost three-quarter sucessful .*-* and and.. arran helped. =)
Today was totally random. i was totally worned out. by fatique. omGosh.. i slept like one hour during geography.. without attending lesson.. and i still wanna sleep... like... gosh?? okay i really have to catch up. anyway.. also thanks to my wife i got my notes done. and anither failed period was chemistry.. i was not listening. and i dont even understand... but.. it seems.. okay actually i dont quite like chemistry [theory] so its like.. hmm.. then was lunch... which was like.. after that there was performance by the eastview idols? and and Ms. Rahayu got us down to look at the performance... they prepared new songs. which was not as good as their previous ones.. probably because they din have that sufficiant amount of time to practice.
Seeing my cousin said i have put on weight.. i think i am crying... forgoodness.. i am fat once more. HELL??! FAT FAT FAT. =( .....
i think i am going to die.. *bamp* .... heck! omgosh...i have tons of work.. gotta rush off now. sorry for this rushy-posty. willl post a nicer one next time. [ they did much more ]
Gotta go. Liebe SUIE.


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