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Saturday, March 22, 2008
@ 7:05 AM

Heys back again~ as usual.. todays a saturday. And yes tuitions is as per normal. ~ woke up damn early again.. and lay there kinda awake.. *having a hard time to fall asleep yesterday* Anyway.. met Baobeiis at seven eleven..? happen to.. and then walked all the way back to get drinks.. totally regretted what i bought.. i must be more careful with my choices of drinks next time. oh well.. anyway.. Tuition manage to complete much stuff [ i thought initially ] then headed to tampinies regional library to do the rest [ cause i thought it was not going to rain so soon ] *what luck* ... There was like no seats? i thought tampinies library was like.. no-ones gonna be there?? oh nevermind.. i got myself seats anyway.. and then start work.. was planning to be a goody girl and finish up chinese comprehension that was due on monday??? but end up choosing mathematics anyway.. din complete much too.. Got tired and went to look for cookbooks.. [ like usual ] thought of mouse and hamtaro though... 'cause.. we siad we are gonna bake every week for school??.. cool?? hahas. no copying around here. =X okay.. then was planning to go home when it rained damn heavily... was like.. AWW~ oh well.. still made my way to eastpoint gotta get milk for mumi.. and it was not raning at simei.. like it stopped? so i was so happie.. after the milky thingy.. went up and then when i was about to leave.. it rained... =.= like heavier? AWW~... i made up my mind and rushed home.. reached the traffic light..it turned red man instantly.. drenched as i was.. standing there.. like a pathetic kid. goshes~ poor me.. and i was thinking if only... ***** anyway.. crossed the road.. an old man kinda sheltered me from the paveway to the HDB building? =) nice peep. lols.. and then people there was like staring at me.. * drenched* whatever. got home and straght i entered a quarrel with my lil'sister.. shouted the last words and shut tight the bathroom door.. ate afterwards.. and played some stoopid maths game with my lil'sister.. also watching the tele.. its been so long since i touched.. i mean watched the tele..was like completely glued to it and i was definitly not doing my work... it was so so lucky i finished my friend's DnT...or i am dead. laughs~* kidding.. he doesn't mind anyway. =]hope i can finish *dadis* book like.. as soon as possible? so i can start on my magicians.. high lord? like the last book?? Arghs~!... Pa's going somewhere again.. not coming back so soon. hmms.. then mumi's leaving too... oh well.. gonna end here.. bye peeps..People think again.. maybe life aint that boring afterall.. Liebe suie~


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