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Thursday, March 13, 2008
@ 7:27 AM

TodaY WAS band camp day two, was actually not that kinda expecting for it. Cause it wasn't as fun [ i thought] but as soon we got there.. slowly the fun was building? even though halfway went for amaths lesson. and all of us were reprimanded by Mr.goh and kai li.. it was fun all day long.
The water-bombing was great.. so is the two great performance for mrs NG.
i hope we can play even better , perform too.. for not only the upcoming concert , the syf next year. but everyday. every practice. and it will happen if everyone give their best everytime. [ although some slacknes is allowed at times =)]
hmms.. pictures will kinda say it all below*-* and .. today i really have much fun. love all of you.
i just realize some things. actually long ago. its just i.. cant do it.
cant accept? nah.. i had. its just i am unable to do it.
hate myself? hmms... maybe yes in the past. but now.. i begin to doubt.
relax.. i am not BHB to love myself. everyone is imperfect and we only can try to be almost to perfection. =)
LIEBE... suie.
p.s words seemed to be clearer? thanks to siewmin and hamtaro.!


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