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Monday, March 10, 2008
@ 7:13 AM

ORAL~ bored. was mrs chua. She was quite good but i still prefer lee wai guan. =)Dont think i did quite well for the oral but its over so yupps. =) okay today, went mondi then home straight baked but also failed. headed to bugis next with momi. ANd then went to collect certain stuff, haha~ Met someone. Then bought Milkshake . *was craving it* Went to bugis. Its like ages i went to shop there>? anyway say certain stuffs that really din belonged there. TWO shops. AND I POINT IT OUT SO.----LMAO---------- wanted to buy a few pieces but.. needa prepare money for other stuffs. =) okay. quit these. Met mich also ;next to home. Chatted and still couldnt decide. Still.. ate and then preparing for launguage class. lols.okay work. met a few peeps. from irritating/pervertic to polite ones. met a guy from media corp , my neighbour also few st gabriel cute guys, but they are ....*no comments* Almost lost my Handphone there too , but some exibitor found it and return it. Cool~ also must thank to my baobeii that help me too. Oh did i mention this time worked with babobeii siewmin Roy and his friend. although i din talk to roy and his friend. but yeah. okay. On the last day~ hahas , there was lesser peeps compared to the second last day, well but we enjoyed too. *-* after that went home with siewmin and baobeii. Actually me and siewmin wanted to say goodbye to roy and his friend. but we are afraid they wont wave back as they dont recognise us. lols. anyway, headed to seven-eleven. got some stuffs. and sat at polar puff. *the three of us* then some of those temp at polar puffs chased us. saying that they serve halal food and seven-eleven food is not. siewmin replied it is. and they say alcohols? but the thing is are we drinking? NO! but still they waited for us to leave then they leave. What the heck. And you know what.. before us there were two-three guys sitting there eating stuffs from seven-eleven.. they were not chased. *ps.. those temp are girls.* How realistic. Wanted to tak more pics but.. too bad bao beii din want too. so,.. here it is. oh and pictures in band.

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