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Friday, February 15, 2008
@ 5:01 AM

Started the day Aching and tired. A.K.A didn't have much sleep. =) accompanied xueling yesterday through phone. i Want my lunchbox~ =)Today P.E was to run again and teacher lied to me bout using todays score as NAFA. Heck~Anyway, broke the fastest timing i had the other time but not much so its like... after that was chemistry as usual.. was actually not going to lab but because of that spoiled projector we have to. and its like i just ran?? hmms.. recess..[ something just saddens me but its too personal to say ] blahs.. and recieved sweet things from some peeps. =) hmms.. after school got some stufffs and ate after sending michelle . Then Band as usual only with some changes here and there..was quite bored afterwards and played the piano during sectionals after the juniors 'so-called' can be left on their own playing. =)*realised that i needa buck up on that~ * Was supposed to catch a movie with lil' sister after that but din in the end. left guys and went to eastpoint to get NEW ZEALAND. hahas. and to HAMTARO* ; it was so much better that the stoopid VERY VANNILLA. hahas. =)went home and bathed. Was also discussing with lil'sister about some stuffs concerning church. Then i bathed at momo's roomie cause dadi wasn't home yet. HE is out somewhere not in singapore. *-* Now rushing some work and downloading stuffs maybe. hmms.. tomorrow's tuition and yet again. *-* oh well.. maybe having some serious works or.. going out. till then and having language lessons again next week. Bye. Liebe suie.

" when all the stuffs you did just flow off as fast as the running waters of thy waterfall"


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.