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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
@ 6:17 AM

Was Uber happy that carmeny was back. misses her so much! oh well.. today's Amaths test and yesterday's chemistry was totally disasterous. Heck... i din even complete the papers... its like i am being 'confirmed' to drop! goshes~* today celebrated valentine with the plastics~ we went to somewhere.. and then over to bugis to get some stuffs.. pictures will soon be uploaded and i dont wish to experience and see *childish acts again*..=)Tomorrow is the fourteen, VALENTINES .... A day for couples and friends. Actually i think of it as a day of MONEY!@#$%!@#$@!@#$ can you believe... the price of one stalk of flower.. cheapest $12 - and most ridiculous of $ 10,000. this is so... FREAKED. by the way i think the lovely-ness and bonding of couples/love and friendship should not only resurface .etc only on this day. its like... for the purpose and not real. *-* hmms.. oh well..Was pretty freaked today cause didn't manage to take any pictures today cause my camera was running low on battery.. and so happen that i manage to figure some nice shots with *free models* today.. Sh!T but there's michelle.. so if you guys interested may go her blog and take a look if she uploaded. Also peeps interested in Japan's pictures?? look for carmeny , she would be glad to show you guys. by the way i have to go. preparing for tomorrow. bye people. loves. suie.LIEBE LIEBE LIEBE.


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