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Sunday, January 20, 2008
@ 1:11 AM

Wootss~ thinking that i must be elated from going out with my momi? you are so so god-damn wrong. went out happily with my momi.. but end up quarreling with her and i cried. okay so i am a cry-baby.. big deal carmen. oh well, then i headed around to collect sylvia's pressie her birthday is coming by the way. and well.. got my way to eat at swensons.. my momi's the one paying so i dont mind. then shopped around alone.. was actually expect to find anything that is gonna interest me and get me buying.. well of course...
Something super cool.. and rewarding was milo-dinosaur from toastbox.. okay so what milo is fattening as said by others..
but.. hmms.. it was suppose to be a healthy drink.. okay whatever..
got another one at long john.. the only one sold at eastpoint currently.. and saw weixin adn her momo at the mrt station.. cool..
din chat much and went off.. was kinda tired when i got home and my guardian din make it better for me either..*grrs*.. anything..
( oh did i mention i got dry ice from swenson when i take away their ice-cream) it was damn cool i decide to play with it actually and take pictures but it went in the bin anyway =)... thinking back about the good pictures i missed. whatever. *-* okays. cut well.. tomorrow is going to be a scool day again. yet i am not expecting it as i would do as usual. kinda getting bored of studying and well.. things aren't going well with me and my own determination to study... i guess its just not so fated for me this year after all.. i just.. hope.. LIEBE #suie!


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