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Saturday, January 05, 2008
@ 1:05 AM

Hmms.. okay so now what's the shock? go home and find tons of unknown peeps lurking in your house? laughs~* =.= Back home and my sister's friends were like filing half of the house [ okay maybe just quarter or lesser ] Was so tired so i din say much. Went to my room straight and on the computer. =) well, gonna be so tight up in my schedule for the next week, in fact from tomorrow i guess. Some restrictions on things i could do and get it done. *-* oh well, since school's starting that's another big thing. *-* Slept because carmeny asked me to, then woke up at six-thirty so just i could make it in time for the CIP flag thing. Was kinda tired but still manage to drag myself up to shower. Head to school with the usual pack and met michelle as usual. Got our stuffs and headed to orchard. [ wasnt the route that teacher gave us but still we went ] Got to borders with plastics only and then got to get some free browsing of magazines , until weixin got to pass dress to a buyer of her online shop [ yes she have and please take a look ] hmms.. then went to get a couple of drinks [ michelle intro-ed] and well MRT-ed back to school. Was a damn stoopid trip and took some pictures... hahas. shall upload like.. erms later .
Stayed in school for awhile accompanying the gals. Waited for matthais but end up getting pissed by him [ michelle] then got to know that those who went for the earlier retake of pure sciences only two was recomanded by Mr goh to continue taking it. hmms.. well.. not a very good news, but dont you guys fret. All for the best guys~! Headed for tuition next , saw jac jac crying but i dont know exactly why , felt so distanced with her already but.. i have no choice until she comes and talk to me or something. hmms.. then was tuition , bought something to eat in , over at 201. Was damn sleepy that i almost dozed off there. kinda because i am bored cause baobei and vannz was not there. so i shall go there tomorrow if can. hmms... to prepare for the upcoming test, which i have no chance of passing it eor acing it either. hmms.. well, then was doing and it rained.. was kinda thirsty but couldnt find what i wanted.. went home was a long way, since i couldn't walk the shortcuts. i dont wanna get.. wet..^-^ hms.. now gonna be end of post le. hahs~ dont miss me. cause i will be in bed soon? dream and talk to me. wish and live happily. all the wishes and care people could have and give. Love me?
kekes.. *-* smiles people. ~ TisChus..~
Liebe #suie!


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