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Thursday, January 03, 2008
@ 6:23 AM

Realized that i can be so Damn dependent. ^-^ '''

Was Bed-ridden for the entire night [ til today] , there must be seriously something so wrong with. But it doesn't matter. Woke up and went to disturb my momi. She is simply thy *CUTEST THING* in the world. Went out with her next, [oh did i mention? i din manage to go to school today ] i'm gonna get my card people... better miss me [ before i get my card back and you wont have any chance to] Oh. =) Actually planned to lunch with Momi . But the serving there was simply so Ridiculous.. so.. i lunched at the other Foodcourt over at Bugis street. Okay you got to try the food there. Had my favourite sugarcane drink there too. =) *yums~* okay Head to bugis library. [ did i went there so frequently these days? ] anything. Got there and i so-called *Challenge* the rules there~ oh.. Yepps.. the devilic me.. *smirks* { just make me thought of something } Oh. =) Mrt-ed home , got banged by a so-called *cute* guy. He was polite. ^-* Continue with my book and reached home. Did a few new Yoga-thingy . Laugh all you want. *-* i don't simply care. =) I think i suit white these days, i dont know .. i may be white but i dont like light. [ figure that ] =) okay so i know all the past i have done. And lets welcome the new year , with the perfect bright smile.

~ Stop with your lies and all those nonsense ;

'Cause it aint gonna help nor stop the Shame;

The thoughts and memories just add on and fades ;

Just like how history was made ;

I learn that the world isn't kind ;

But because what is contain inside ;

So happy that i belonged in my world ;

even though i was alone and useless ;

Bis~ Liebe #suie! .


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.