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Sunday, December 30, 2007
@ 5:47 AM

Second post. so went to bugis.. with momi. then headed to eat. found out that there was a place to eat.. [ newly opened] just end of bugis street. =)
well, was stuck at bugis library for quite long. was suppose to finish my english , physics and maths homework. in the end i was hooked up by cookbooks again. =) *sighs* hmms... i realized that peeps should sometimes enjoy and learn to appreciate the peaceful times they get and have. *smirks*.
if people learn to be contented, they learn to be happier , and thus live life to the fullest. hahas. well.. gonna stop here for now. 'cause just dont felt like blogging to much. Not really in the mood. but yet. its pleasant. =)
no worries. loves suie``


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