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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
@ 9:09 AM

On the 25th? woke up at like.. erhs.. afternoon? hmms.. was kinda late, but well, went out with HIM.. met michelle and kamal. also went to catch a movie. how unlucky can we get when we couldn't get nice seats over at GV, but well we went to cathy cinneleisure to watch instead and still enjoyed it over asuper large popcorn!~
but i still think that Gv's popcorn is better. Laughs~* hmms.. oh yepps. well we even walked around and rest is up for us to know. hmms.. then was band practice. practically like only slept for a few hours. is like i went to bed like almost six thirty in the morning? i thought i was gonna be so late for band but still i made it. and well, hahs at band we played a few pieces , took a few pictures and a video. blogger has something wrong so shall upload it sometimes right? hahas. hmms.. well, and then we have a pressie exchanging thingy. was cool to recieve that much goodies and i loved all of them. Very nice and really thanks. =)
well, i hope everyone have enjoyed 'cause its a season to celebrate. with or without any pressies, or anyone. its a day well [ 12 days] for you to smile brightly and be happie. who knows, someone may just love your smiles? hahas. well merry christmas guys. and i have tuition tomorrow what crapps~ ahhas
loves suie. Frohe weihnachten


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