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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
@ 7:57 AM

today totally slacked on the bed.. was actually made it possible that i am in time for band.
but.. i remembered that my momi told me that i must get my homework done first. hmms.. so i did. well went out with weixin.. so happen she called so yea..
went to get lunch and stuffs. browsed at magazines and chatted [ it was so long i talked to her]
hmms... well, then she came over to my house. one conclusion: the blacks shown on MTV are simply HOT~ okays cut those and straight to tuition. hmms.. learn quite lot.. and some stoopid stuffs happen.. simply hilarious. hmms.. after tuition was like hoping something would happen... but my fantasy din came alive..so well.. hmms =)
walked around and went home.Practically no one. =.= so i was so bored. got something to eat and drink. then called HIM. Was actually gonna tell him all the stuffs.. happily..
... hmms.. well.. tomorrow gonna.. go out.. with HIM. dont know if momi is going to allow it. hmms.. well byes.. so.. ANTI~


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