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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
@ 7:15 AM

hmms.. so survived with the *no usage* of handphones.
hmms.. today woke up and din wanna go for tuition, Cos my granny asked not to.. as they are leaving and going back to malaysia today. So i stayed.
soon bathed and ate , and then bought two cousins to get some stuffs they want to get by today, of course i too went to look at some stuffs, mostly on school things. =) school's starting soon you know..
hmmm.. then went to eat again.. lols. hahas. MRT-ed home and then sent them to GOLDEN MILE COMPLEX. hmms.. a nice name but it really suck.
Goshes, hmms.. really cant part with them but still did. every year. Gonna miss them so so much. sat my mom's car back home. we chat. ate sour plums throughout. Momi taught me stuffs. lols. Back home only to find home is a total mess. My sister was shag from camp and well still lying on her bed.
talked and realized much things my cousins din bought back, so it belonged to ME. hehes. *-* Then changed and place things back to where its gonna be. now blogging and well prepare for bed soon. Momi told me that i was not allowed to go for band tomorrow unless i finish my homework.. like ..erhs... hmms..
so sad. =( so i have to. well, lets see if i can get my hands on my various homework. i will wanna start on the one that is due on wednesday. well.. lols.
okay guys. its the end le. happie day to you!

the mind of people cant be guessed, cant be knew;
but it could be changed to a person's kind of mind if that person one to.=)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.